• Note for prospective students


Thank you for considering the SWAT research group. 

Polytechnique Students:

If you are interested in our research and have already been admitted to a Master's/PhD. program at Polytechnique Montreal, please feel free to contact me, and consider taking my graduade course (Concepts Avancés en Infonuagique). 

Applicants to the Graduate Program of Polytechnique Montréal:

If you are interested in applying to Polytechnique Montréal and joining our research group, please first refer to this page. Next, take a look at our recent publications here.

As a PhD or Master's student in our group, you will be expected to perform high quality research and algorithm development, present and report your work at conferences and in journal papers, assist with some courses, and help managing the lab.

If you're still interested, contact us and provide the following documents in PDF format:

dot Your resume

dot Your transcripts

dot A one page essay presenting yourself and your research interests. The essay should be written in English and should answer the following questions: (i) Why would you like to do research? (ii) What are your research interests and why? (iii) What is your favourite programming language or project and why? (iv) What was your best learning and/or teaching experience?

  1. Please be concise and specific in your emails. Avoid sending mass, generic emails, that rarely helps. Avoid reusing canned responses in your essay.

Undergraduate Research:

Undergraduate research can be exciting, extremely rewarding and lots of fun! It is a good opportunity to see if you really like research and start making decisions about your future. If you are currently pursuing a bachelor degree at Polytechnique Montreal and would like to experience some research, get into some more serious design and/or implementation work, or experiment with some new technologies, please feel free to contact us.

However, be aware that as an undergraduate research assistant in the SWAT lab, you will have to dedicate a certain number of hours/week for research. So if you are under a very heavy load from coursework this may not be for you. 

Postdoctoral Positions:

If you are interested in the research in our group and are looking for a postdoc position please contact me directly.